FREE Adventure Travel Planners


You can download a FREE printer-friendly two page summary that corresponds with each Active Travel Adventures podcast destination to make it super easy to plan your next epic vacation!  Scroll below to find an adventure you are interested in.  When you download it, you'll join the ATA community and will receive all FUTURE Travel Planners absolutely free in a email each month.  



The Adventure Travel Planners include tips and recommendations, and answers questions such as:

* Can I plan this trip myself, use a self-guided tour company or go on a guided tour?

* Which tour company should I use?

* When is the best time to go?

* What's the weather going to be like?

* Who is this trip good for: families, couples, friends, solo, an/or custom?

* How expensive is this adventure going to be?

* Is it safe to go there?

* What visa requirements are there (for US citizens)?

* How hard is the adventure going to be on a 1-5 scale [ 1 = couch potato and 5= hard but doable for someone who is fits and does some training]?

* What language do they speak there and if I only speak English, will that be a problem? [Plus the google translate link]

* What currency do they use there? What is the exchange rate?

* What kind of itinerary should I expect?

* What's the best airport to fly into? What about local transporation to get to the adventure?

* What about travel insurance?

Note: When I am off on an adventure myself, I post the website and record the podcast etc. ahead of time so I can enjoy my adventure without worrying about wifi connections, etc. So sometimes you'll see posts that haven't been released yet, but I'll always tell you when you can expect them. Most adventures are 4 – 12 days.

*(Coming Feb 8, 2018) #013 The UK's Ten Best Hiking Holidays – Kit's Picks

*(Coming January 25, 2018) #012 Hike Patagonia in Chile and Argentina (plus a little cycling and paddling, too!) with Erin Chambers & Sandra Long

#011 Cycle the Danube Path between Passau, Germany to Vienna, Austria with Hamish Adamson

#010 15 Benefits of Adventure Travel (plus one anecdotal #16) – an essay by Kit

#009 Whitewater Raft the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon with Mike Grainger

#008 Multi-Sport Adventures in Cassis, France ( the village that stole Kit's heart)

#007 Hike the Tour du Mont Blanc Circuit through Switzerland, France and Italy with Linda Cohen Dickens

#006 Hike the El Camino “The Way” in Spain (last half ) with Janet Hanpeter

#005 Hike Sweden's most popular long distance trail : the Kungsleden Trail with Rosemary Burris

#004 Multi-sport adventure in Australia: snorkel/scuba the Great Barrier Reef, Hike Daintree Rainforest and whitewater raft the Tully River with Kit

#003 HIke Scotland's most popular long distance hike : the West Highland Way with Kit

#002 Multi-sport: Hike, bike and horseback ride Glacier National Park with Kit

#001 Hike the active volcanoes in Nicaragua with Kit (and sled down one, too!)