Travel podcasts take two forms: either they take you along on the adventure or they teach you tips, tricks and other hacks to travel better. This is great because you can choose what type of show you’re in the mood for and can search for exactly the destination information you need. Here, in alphabetical order, are the Top 25 Travel Podcasts for 2019:

TOP 25 Travel Podcasts of 2019


1. Active Travel Adventures

This show inspires you to live a bigger life through adventure travel. In each episode you hike, bike, paddle or otherwise move your body as you explore different cultures and landscapes of the world. Yours truly hosts and either I do the adventure myself or interview someone who has done it, from climbing Machu Picchu to a calming walking holiday through the British countryside. Active Travel Adventures

2. Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

Host Chris Christenson has been interviewing folks for over ten years and has a massive catalog of shows from which to choose. His interviews help you determine what to see, eat and do in a particular destination. If there’s someplace you want to visit, no doubt Chris has done an episode on it. Amateur Traveler

3. America’s National Parks

Get the back story and history of the more than 400 units managed by the US National Park Service in this well produced LL Bean show. Great story telling.  America's National Parks

4. Andy Steves Travel Podcast

A podcast for students, teachers, digital nomads or anyone who wants tip to travel cheaply, Andy brings on interesting guests who share their adventures.  Andy Steves Travel Podcast

5. Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase

Flight attendant Betty shares often humorous travel stories about passengers and fellow crew members, often behaving badly, from 50,000’.  Betty in the Sky with a Suitcase 

6. Dis After Dark

This is everything Disney (including movies), but for adults, and over a beer. Definitely not for children. The hosts have a great time and so will you.  Dis After Dark

7. Extra Pack of Peanuts

Affable hosts Travis and often Heather share travel hacks and destinations on this engaging show about how to travel on a budget. The show features destinations, tips and often lists of their favorite whatever, from restaurants to locations.  Extra Pack of Peanuts

8. Family Travel Radio

Great show to discover great destinations, insights and tips for taking a family vacation. Planning a family trip can be difficult, FTR helps make it easier.   Family Travel Radio

9. Flight of Fancy

Aussy Ben Groundwater talks travel from places to visit to tips to make sure you have a safe and great time.  Flight of Fancy

10. Indie Travel Podcast

Full time travelers Craig and Linda share their and their guest’s experiences along with the things they’ve learned, often on a budget, on this long running show.  Indie Travel Podcast

11. JUMP with Traveling Jackie

[Formerly the Budget Minded Traveler] Jackie, who has lived nomadically for years, shares her tips and inspiration, plus destination ideas on this engaging show.  JUMP with Traveling Jackie

12. The RV Podcast

Celebrates all things RV for those who live, or aspire to, the RV life. However, the show can be a tad too heavily promotional, which can be annoying.  The RV Podcast

13. The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

Amanda does an interview based show that shares travel stories to inspire and delight you. Amanda gets the guests’ take on whatever the show’s topic is.  The Thoughtful Travel Podcast

14. This Week in Travel

The cohosts Chris Christenson from the Amateur Traveler, Jen Leo from the LA Times and Gary Arndt from Everything-Everywhere and usually a guest, banter about whatever is new in the world of travel.  This Week in Travel

15. Travel Genius

Nikki and Mark share travel hacks and other tips in this Bloomberg produced show.  Travel Genius

16. Travel Guys Radio

Learn how to be a smarter traveler from hosts Mark and Tom who transfer their radio program to this travel podcast.  Travel Guys Radio

17. Travel Radio Podcast

Destinations plus travel tips from Megan and her travel professional guests.  Travel Radio Podcast 

18. Travel Tales Podcast

Comedian Mike interviews fellow travelers who share their favorite travel stories of their adventures that went right – and often humorously wrong.  Travel Tales Podcast

19. Travel Stories Podcast

[Soon to be the Hayden Lee podcast] Hayden’s rambles are engaging and make you feel as if you are sharing a beer while he discusses his thoughts and stories of life on the road.  Travel Stories Podcast

20. Travel Today with Peter Greenberg

This veteran travel expert and Travel Editor for CBS News interviews locals at each destination about things to do so you get the inside scoop.  Travel Today with Peter Greenberg

21. Travel with Rick Steves

From Public Radio to podcast, Rick shares advice on travel, especially to Europe.  Travel with Rick Steves

22. WDW Today

Get the latest in tips, news and events going on at Walt Disney World.  WDW Today

23. Women Who Travel

Join Conde Nast Traveler’s Lale and Meredith as they discuss the issues that affect women who travel.  Women Who Travel

24. The World Nomads Podcast

Explore the world with Kim and Phil from the travel insurance company, World Nomads.  The World Nomads Podcast

25. Zero to Travel

Jason shares ways to bring travel into your life, even if you don’t have much or even ANY money. Jason also teaches those who wish to become a traveling ‘digital nomad’.  Zero to Travel 

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