Planning and Going on an Adventure Travel Holiday

Here are the ten things you need to consider when you plan your next adventure travel vacation.

Your How To Guide for Adventure Travel

1. Decide where to go – inspiration:

• Friend and family recommendations
• Learn about places from fellow adventurers on current trips
• Read about locations in magazines, newspapers and Google
• See pics on Instagram or Pinterest


2. Decide to who to go with?

Solo, couple, friends, family or in a group with strangers

Each type offers a completely different dynamic and experience, so consider what you want to get out of your adventure.  Remember, too, that going on an adventure, because of its many challenges, will open up new ways to see and understand loved ones (hopefully for the better:)  The smaller the group, the more likely you will have exchanges with locals.

3. What do you want to do?

Do you want to go on an exclusive activity adventure such as a walking holiday (check out UK's Best Walking Holidays) or cycling holiday like Cycle Italy's Stilleto Heel?  Or do you want to mix it up (and give certain muscles as rest) by doing a multi-sport adventure or mix in some cultural activities? 

4. Decide how to do it


  • Guided, self-guided or self-planned.  Going on a guided or self-guided adventure means all you have to do is push a button (the ‘buy' button) and the trip is all arranged for you.  If you want someone on the ground to lead the way or be part of a group, then a guided trip in in order.  If you just want someone to make the arrangements, but you want to make the individual calls on each day's timing, etc., then consider a self-guided trip.  Self-planned means you figure out and book everything on your own.  In all cases, be sure to check out the FREE Travel Planners for each adventure covered.  They can save you a TON of TIME!
  • Choose your tour company by using ATA Travel Planners (or email Kit).  There's a link on each episode's webpage.

5. What comfort level do you need/want?

• Guest house, mountain hut, campground, back country?  Remember that in some out of the way places, the only way you can see it is to either camp or stay in communal mountain huts (still well worth it!  Just remember to bring ear plugs and an eye mask!)

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6. When to go? Check ATA Travel Planners (or email Kit)

The Free Travel Planners available for each adventure tell you the best times to go as well as offering tons of helpful links to make it easy to plan your adventure!

7. How to pay for it?

• Set up a monthly “Travel” bucket. Have it come out automatically like a bill  This method makes saving a snap!
THEN try to ‘cash flow’ it and pay the different expenses as they come up.  This will help you build up your Travel Bucket to increasingly high levels so you can afford some of the coolest (and expensive) adventures without going into debt.

8. Packing: buy, rent or borrow (See Kit’s ATA Packing List)

DON’T overpack!!! Use my lists and save your back and aggravation!
• With adventure travel, you usually have to check a bag regardless. Hiking sticks and mini knives are ‘weapons’, unfortunately, so must travel as checked luggage on planes.
• Most transfer companies require that your luggage weigh less than 20 kg (keep it under 40-50 pounds). You can do this: you DON’T need that much stuff!!! You can get my fine-tuned Packing List by clicking the box below:

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9. Training

• Determine the fitness goal you desire and then work backwards and break it down into mini goals and wins

 * I find it helps to make a training chart because I like to check off things as I do them.

10. Logistics

• Take advantage of Wikipedia to find the less aggravating direct flights: Google wiki + the airport name of where you want to go.
• Scroll to the bottom of the site to see what direct flights go there. THEN you can look for good flights and rates with the least amount of time on planes

Click here for your FREE Adventure Travel Planning Guide
Click here for your FREE Adventure Travel Packing List
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