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The Nicaragua episode has been pulled at this time due to civil unrest. It is NOT safe to travel there at this time. I will re-release it when the State Dept says that things are safe again. It's a beautiful country with lovely people so I hope that it will be soon!


 000 Welcome to the Active Travel Adventures podcast

 001 Hiking Active Volcanoes in Nicaragua  

The Nicaragua episode has been pulled for now due to civil unrest.  It is NOT safe to travel there at this time!

 002  Hike bike or horseback ride Glacier National Park

 003 Hike the West Highland Way of Scotland

 004 Australia Cairns: Whitewater Raft the Tully, Snorkel the Great Barrier Reef, Hike Daintree Rainforest

 005 Sweden’s Kungsleden trail with Rosemary Burris

 006 El Camino de Santiago with Janet Hanpeter

 007 Tour du Mont Blanc with Linda Cohen Dickens

 008 Cassis in Provence France

 009 Whitewater Raft the Grand Canyon with Mike Grainger

 010 Fifteen Benefits of Adventure Travel (plus a BONUS 16th (anecdotal) Benefit  

 011 Cycle the gentle Danube River Path from Passau to Vienna

 012 Hike Patagonia in Chile and Argentina (plus some cycling and paddling!) 

 013 The UK's 10 Best Walking Holidays

 014 Climb the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu

 015 Costa Rica Hiking, Whitewater Rafting & More Multi-Sport

016 Conquer the Top Ten Adventure Travel Fears 

017 Trek Nepal (at lower altitudes) 

018 Galapagos Land-based multi-sport adventure  

019 Bhutan Part 1 : Culture and Traditions

020 Bhutan Part 2 : Adventure – Hike, Bike and Paddle

021 Dolomites Italy

022 US National Forests: Pisgah in Western NC

023 Climb (trek) Kilamanjaro in Tanzania Part I 

024 Climb (trek) Kilamanjaro in Tanzania Part II:  Summit and Descent

025 Tanzania Wildlife Safari (Part III Kilimanjaro series)

026 Olympic National Park

027 Bike Italy's Stiletto Heel region: Puglia

028 Annapurna Sanctuary Trek in Nepal

029  Trek Iceland

030 How to Plan and Adventure Trip

031 Cotswold Way Walking Holiday: Part One

032 Cotswold Way Walking Holiday: Part Two

033 Quebec Canada Adventures

034 Machu Picchu revisited

035 Mont Blanc revisited

036 Solo Travel Tips and Challenges

037 Cystal Coast of NC

038 SW Portugal's Rota Vincentina 

039 Italian Lakes District

040 St Olav Ways in Norway

041 Australia's Great Barrier Reef (Cairns area)

042 Building a Bucket List 


  BE 1 : FAQ:  Is Adventure Travel Right for Me?

 BE 2 : Hiker’s guide to preventing and treating sprained ankles with Dr. Segler

BE 3:  Travel Safety Tips and Strategies, plus an update on Nicaragua

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