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000 Welcome to the Active Travel Adventures podcast


 001 Hiking Active Volcanoes in Nicaragua


 002  Hike bike or horseback ride Glacier National Park


 003 Hike the West Highland Way of Scotland


 004 Australia Cairns


 005 Sweden’s Kungsleden trail with Rosemary Burris


 006 El Camino de Santiago with Janet Hanpeter


 007 Tour du Mont Blanc with Linda Cohen Dickens


 008 Cassis in Provence France


 009 Whitewater Raft the Grand Canyon with Mike Grainger


 010 Fifteen Benefits of Adventure Travel (plus a BONUS 16th (anecdotal) Benefit  


011 Cycle the gentle Danube River Path from Passau to Vienna


012 Hike Patagonia in Chile and Argentina (plus some cycling and paddling!) :  Available January 25, 2018

013 The UK's 10 Best Walking Holidays : Available February 8, 2018


 BE 1 : FAQ:  Is Adventure Travel Right for Me?


 BE 2 : Hiker’s guide to preventing and treating sprained ankles with Dr. Segler


Please take a minute for this SHORT survey.  It will help me to bring you the best adventures.  Thanks!!! Kit