Listening to podcasts can open up a whole new world for you! Somewhere, someone is producing a podcast on virtually any topic you are interested in! And it's FREE! Think of a podcast as a personal radio program on demand.

I listen to my podcasts on the Apple podcast app on my phone.  You can also listen directly from iTunes or on your Android device. See the tutorials below, and be sure to SUBSCRIBE TODAY to the Active Travel Adventures podcast so you don't miss a single episode!

You can SUBSCRIBE many ways, depending on what device you use.  The easiest way to listen and subscribe is by using these  Apple Podcast or Android buttons, or bookmark the Podcast Directory page.  You can also subscribe via RSS feed.

Click on this button to listen or subscribe for FREE on iTunes: Don't forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button! Thanks!

Here's how to subscribe with an Android product

If you are using an Android product, just click the button below to get to the Subscribe page! Easy peasy! Subscribe on Android

Kayaking Nicaragua adventure

Come on…You've got this!  I KNOW you can do it!!!

Using the Apple Podcast App

Apple podcast art

 On your tablet or iPhone, look for this app and click on it.

 Click on the Magnifying Glass.  Search for Active Travel Adventures, and then click on the hiking boot logo.

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Hit the SUBSCRIBE button!

 Now you won't miss a single episode and will have access to all previous episodes. Active Travel Adventures (ATA) podcast will automatically download when released.

 When you want to listen to a podcast, click the purple Podcast app, and then click “Unplayed”.

Your unlistened to podcasts will appear in list form. Click on the ATA episode and you're ready to go on another exciting adventure!

How to listen to a podcast on iTunes

Alternately, you can go to iTunes and listen and subscribe here on your tablet or computer.

To Subcribe from inside of iTunes, here's what you do (three clicks easy!):

Click this link.

When iTUnes opens, look under the ATA boot logo, and click view in iTunes.  Then click the SUBSCRIBE button under the ATA boot logo.

This video will walk you through downloading iTunes and finding podcasts.

How to listen to a podcast on Android

This video will walk you through how to listen and download a podcast on your Android device. Be sure to subscribe to Active Travel Adventures so you don't miss an episode!

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Be sure to SUBSCRIBE to Active Travel Adventures!   This is what the ATA podcast artwork looks like.

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