Active Travel Adventures

Curated multi-day active vacations for adventurous folks


 It's is all about making it easier for YOU, the fit and active traveler, to find the right adventure for your next vacation

My name is Kit Parks, and I comb the planet to find the best multi-day active travel experiences for fit folks like yourself. I share my findings with you on this website, in my twice a month podcast (also called Active Travel Adventures) and my monthly email newsletter.

I'm not talking climbing Mount Everest here — or anything crazy or dangerous.  Think more along the lines of a cycling tour through the vineyards of France or a week long hike from one medieval village to the next through the lochs and moors of Scotland.  On a scale of 1 – 5 with five being extremely difficult, most will be around a 3.


I'm a 57 year old widow that discovered adventure travel AFTER I turned fifty.  All of the adventures are something that I can do, and so can YOU if you are reasonably fit, especially if you do a little pre-trip training.

The common denominator is that on all of these adventure vacations, you have to MOVE!  You're going to have to hike, bike, paddle, horseback ride, or somehow self-propel yourself from one place to the next – sometimes in combination!  Often these trips have a cultural component, such as a regional cooking class or wine tasting, or some other immersion with the locals.

My recommended vacations nearly always require that you get a little (sometimes a lot) sweaty and dirty.  Sometimes the accommodations are basic or you may need to camp because there simply aren't hotels available.  But all trips will be epic and worth it!

You can download a  FREE printer friendly Travel Planner for each adventure (links are on each individual adventure's episode page (see Directory), or sign up for the monthly newsletter to get them automatically.  The Travel Planners include important details on the trip, the country, travel planning info, recommended tour companies plus helpful tips for the self planner.  Some of the tours are guided while others are self-guided (the company makes the arrangements and plans the itinerary, but you do the adventure with your own travel group or solo).  You automatically get the each month's Travel Planners if you sign up for the monthly newsletter.  Sign up here.

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